Alicia Beth
21. California native.
Fueled by caffeine, tattoo ink, dreams, and stories.

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Bless whoever made this.

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I sold my soul to Apple again and I’m never going back.

For real though, I’m digging the iPhone 6.

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“Kindness should be the natural way of life, not the exception.”

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“Tell me
I am brave
for wanting something
more than this.
Something more than the
broken glass you have clenched
between your sea salt mouth.
Something more than the
shot gun words
you keep firing with
every touch.

Tell me
I am brave
for loving every aftershock
that rumbled after
the big bang exploded
under your skin.
Even when I knew better.
Because now,
now all I have are these
wounded hands
that haven’t learnt the
art of healing, yet.

Tell me
I am brave
for seeing all the
ugly in this world,
and loving it

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Personal Blog For Lovers Only <3

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Personal Blog For Lovers Only <3

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how DARE u get tattoos and piercings and make decisions about what to do to YOUR own body just who the heck do u think u are

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asperatus cloud x

asperatus cloud x

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